7 of The Best Nutritional Supplements For Excellent Health

When looking at the labels on all the different supplements available on the market, you will often see promises such as reverse the signs-of-aging, muscle gain and fat loss on just about every bottle. With around over 29,000 different nutritional supplements available it is not surprising that many people feel confused about selecting the ones that are more effective over others. Below is some advice on the 7 of the top nutritional supplements you can use in achieving optimal health.

1.Fish Oil

The fish oils are associated with delivering omega-3s and are an essential fat that the human body is unable to produce, which means you should be getting it out of your diet. However, even if you ensure that you are eating fish at least twice a week, you still are unable to obtain the necessary amount that your body really needs. When you invest in fish oil of high-quality supplements you decrease triglycerides as well as decrease your risks for heart disease as well as improve your recovery rates after exercise, decrease the risks associated with diabetes and protect the health of your brain. Omega-3s are even linked to assisting with losing unwanted body fat. When you choose one of these supplements look out for the brands that state they offer at least 2 grams of DHA and EPA which are two out of the three important amino acids found in omega-3s.

2.Whey Protein

Whey protein may not be regarded as a vital supplement but can benefit your overall health in a significant way. Whey features high levels of branched-chain “amino acids” which assist in workout recovery. However, whey protein holds its value in the form of a convenient and quick source of calories of quality. When you are on-the-go, you can add just one scoop to a smoothie, nut butter or fruit and you have the ideal fast and convenient meal which will take you under 60 seconds to prepare.

3.Vitamin D

Most of the data available today points to the fact that most Americans have far less than the optimal levels when it comes to Vitamin D. This comes as no surprise as this particular nutrient is difficult to obtain from food sources and one of the only other ways is through sunlight. If you happen to live to the north of Atlanta the source of sunlight is not nearly sufficient from the months of November to March. In addition, even when you are outdoors the majority of people wear sunscreen or clothing. Most of the experts are on agreement that using a Vitamin D supplement with a minimum 1000 IUs on a daily basis is a good way to start.


In the human gut there are millions of various bacteria strains. Some of these are good while others are not. The balance of these bacteria in the gut has a significant influence on a person’s overall health, immune system and digestion. A good quality probiotic can nourish and replenish the internal supplies of the good bacteria’s which often results in leas abdominal pain, bloating and gas.

5.Green Supplements

While this supplement is definitely not a replacement for fresh vegetables and fruit, the green supplement is a great “insurance policy”, particularly when your consumption of vegetables and fruits are not ideal. Under 6% of men and 9% of women between the ages of 5 and 34 are consuming the minimum recommended 5 servings of vegetables and fruits every day. The green supplements are able to assist this issue.


This is one of the supplements that really deserves a top spot as one of the best nutritional supplements. Creatine happens to be one of the top studied supplements in both real-life athletes and clinical research. To date, many of the findings suggest that creatine really works. This is the type of supplement that enhances muscle functioning in high-intensity exercises and the cause of muscle hypertrophy which is linked to an increase in the water retention associated with the muscle cells. Certain data even suggests that there are also gains in the diameter of the muscle fibers. The vegetarians usually have greater responses to this particular supplement due to their limited intake in regards to dietary creatine. While some experts don’t believe in creatine loading, adding 3 to 5 grams daily is able to improve speed or strength or assist you in adding bulk.


This powerful spice is known for having an extremely high antioxidant level when compared to just about any other spice. Various studies have revealed that cinnamon may be able to improve on insulin sensitivity that improves the use of carbohydrates which translates to a better control over blood-sugar. This is the type of supplement that is easy to sprinkle of yogurt, oats, smoothies or anything else that you will enjoy this added flavor with.

If you would prefer to make sure you are receiving the right dose, it is best to choose one of the high-quality supplements. Most studies suggest that 1 gram daily which is equivalent to around ½ teaspoon is sufficient. It is important to take note of that cinnamon is available in 2 varieties which include cassia and Ceylon cinnamon. The best benefits have been associated with the cassia varieties. In addition, if you suffer from any type of blood sugar problem rather speak to your health-care provider before combining a cinnamon supplement with any other diabetes supplements or drugs that control your blood sugar.