7 of The Best Nutritional Supplements For Excellent Health

When looking at the labels on all the different supplements available on the market, you will often see promises such as reverse the signs-of-aging, muscle gain and fat loss on just about every bottle. With around over 29,000 different nutritional supplements available it is not surprising that many people feel confused about selecting the ones that are more effective over others. Below is some advice on the 7 of the top nutritional supplements you can use in achieving optimal health.

1.Fish Oil

The fish oils are associated with delivering omega-3s and are an essential fat that the human body is unable to produce, which means you should be getting it out of your diet. However, even if you ensure that you are eating fish at least twice a week, you still are unable to obtain the necessary amount that your body really needs. When you invest in fish oil of high-quality supplements you decrease triglycerides as well as decrease your risks for heart disease as well as improve your recovery rates after exercise, decrease the risks associated with diabetes and protect the health of your brain. Omega-3s are even linked to assisting with losing unwanted body fat. When you choose one of these supplements look out for the brands that state they offer at least 2 grams of DHA and EPA which are two out of the three important amino acids found in omega-3s.

2.Whey Protein

Whey protein may not be regarded as a vital supplement but can benefit your overall health in a significant way. Whey features high levels of branched-chain “amino acids” which assist in workout recovery. However, whey protein holds its value in the form of a convenient and quick source of calories of quality. When you are on-the-go, you can add just one scoop to a smoothie, nut butter or fruit and you have the ideal fast and convenient meal which will take you under 60 seconds to prepare.

3.Vitamin D

Most of the data available today points to the fact that most Americans have far less than the optimal levels when it comes to Vitamin D. This comes as no surprise as this particular nutrient is difficult to obtain from food sources and one of the only other ways is through sunlight. If you happen to live to the north of Atlanta the source of sunlight is not nearly sufficient from the months of November to March. In addition, even when you are outdoors the majority of people wear sunscreen or clothing. Most of the experts are on agreement that using a Vitamin D supplement with a minimum 1000 IUs on a daily basis is a good way to start.


In the human gut there are millions of various bacteria strains. Some of these are good while others are not. The balance of these bacteria in the gut has a significant influence on a person’s overall health, immune system and digestion. A good quality probiotic can nourish and replenish the internal supplies of the good bacteria’s which often results in leas abdominal pain, bloating and gas.

5.Green Supplements

While this supplement is definitely not a replacement for fresh vegetables and fruit, the green supplement is a great “insurance policy”, particularly when your consumption of vegetables and fruits are not ideal. Under 6% of men and 9% of women between the ages of 5 and 34 are consuming the minimum recommended 5 servings of vegetables and fruits every day. The green supplements are able to assist this issue.


This is one of the supplements that really deserves a top spot as one of the best nutritional supplements. Creatine happens to be one of the top studied supplements in both real-life athletes and clinical research. To date, many of the findings suggest that creatine really works. This is the type of supplement that enhances muscle functioning in high-intensity exercises and the cause of muscle hypertrophy which is linked to an increase in the water retention associated with the muscle cells. Certain data even suggests that there are also gains in the diameter of the muscle fibers. The vegetarians usually have greater responses to this particular supplement due to their limited intake in regards to dietary creatine. While some experts don’t believe in creatine loading, adding 3 to 5 grams daily is able to improve speed or strength or assist you in adding bulk.


This powerful spice is known for having an extremely high antioxidant level when compared to just about any other spice. Various studies have revealed that cinnamon may be able to improve on insulin sensitivity that improves the use of carbohydrates which translates to a better control over blood-sugar. This is the type of supplement that is easy to sprinkle of yogurt, oats, smoothies or anything else that you will enjoy this added flavor with.

If you would prefer to make sure you are receiving the right dose, it is best to choose one of the high-quality supplements. Most studies suggest that 1 gram daily which is equivalent to around ½ teaspoon is sufficient. It is important to take note of that cinnamon is available in 2 varieties which include cassia and Ceylon cinnamon. The best benefits have been associated with the cassia varieties. In addition, if you suffer from any type of blood sugar problem rather speak to your health-care provider before combining a cinnamon supplement with any other diabetes supplements or drugs that control your blood sugar.

9 Ways To Slim Down For The Summer

Losing weight is something a lot of people want to do, but can’t seem to actually succeed at. The problem most people have with their inability to lose weight is not knowing where to start or their inability to actually stick with their weight loss efforts. Below, we will be going over 9 different ways you can slim down for the summer.

9 Different Ways To Slim Down For The Summer:

1. Cut The Carbs.

One of the easiest (or not so easy) ways to lose weight for the summer is to simply stop eating all of the carbohydrates that you might be used to eating. Depending on how good you are at sticking to a diet, this can be a very easy or not so easy way to lose weight. As long as you are willing to do what it takes to lose weight which includes cutting the amount of carbohydrates that you eat, you should be able to achieve great results with this method.

2. Juice.

Another good way you can accelerate your weight loss is by juicing more often. The good thing about juicing is it’s ability to help your body optimize the digestive system. By doing this, not only are you going to be able to rid yourself of toxins that can build up in your body, but it is also going to allow you to reduce the chances of having to snack throughout the day in order to satisfy your hunger. You body ultimately tells or signals to you that you are hungry when it is lacking nutrients. By ensuring that you are never lacking nutrients by juicing, you should be able to avoid such cravings.

3. Eat More Protein.

Like juicing, eating more protein is going to help you reduce the amount of carbohydrates that your body craves and it will ultimately keep you feeling more ‘full’ for longer periods of time throughout the day. Because protein is the building blocks for muscle, you want to be sure that you are getting ample protein into your diet when you are attempting to lose weight and/or build muscle.

4. Exercise Every Day.

A lot of people struggle with this one. By exercising every single day whether you exercise for 2 hours or 30 minutes, it will end up helping you reach your desired fitness goal. Exercising every day is a very important thing to do in order to keep your metabolism high and to keep your body burning calories. By doing this, you are going to be able to get your body and mind into a routine that will keep you losing weight.

One popular way of making sure you exercise every day is to join a local gym. Gym memberships are great because it saves you the expense of buying all the exercise equipment yourself, and it gives you more variety in your workout. If you don’t have a gym membership yet, and are interested in exploring this option for weight loss, there’s no better time to start than right now. The easiest way to find nearby gyms is to jump online and search for “gyms near me.” This will bring up all of the local gyms in your area that you can choose from.

5. Get An Accountability Partner.

You want to make sure that you have someone that is going to keep you accountable for you dietary and fitness actions. You want to find someone that is going through something similar or someone that is going to be willing and able to tell you when you are doing something wrong. This is going to help you in the long run when times get tough and you lose the motivation that you may have once had.

6. Eat Healthy.

By eating more healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, you should be able to minimize your junk food intake.

7. Cut Sugar.

Like cutting carbs, you are going to want to be sure that you minimize the amount of sugar you consume.

8. Be Consistent.

Be as consistent as you can to achieve good results with your fitness goals.

9. Don’t Diet.

A lot of people fall into the trap of dieting. Instead, focus on changing your lifestyle.

Overall, there is plenty that you are going to want to do when it comes to losing weight in the summer. By following the tips above, you should be able to experience a good amount of success.

The Top Exercise Gurus To Follow Online

The Internet is saturated with too many fitness experts who call themselves “fitness gurus.” Taking a closer look at some of these so-called guru’s profiles, you may see that most of them are scam artists trying to pose off as fitness experts in the industry. That’s why you need to be cautious when choosing the best fitness experts to follow online. There are many important things to consider when choosing the right expert to take your fitness to the next level. This article provides information on the top exercise gurus to follow online.

John Berardi, Ph.D., CSCS – John is recognized as one of the top exercise and nutrition experts in the world. John is the founder of one of the world’s largest online nutrition companies – Precision Nutrition (PN). The company has been able to help over 20,000 to improve their fitness levels, lose weight, and improve the eating habits over the past five years. John has his degrees in Nutrient Biochemistry and Exercise Physiology from the University of Western Ontario, Canada. He works as a coach and professor of Exercise Science and Exercise Nutrition at the Eastern Michigan University.

Ross Enamait – Ross will allow you to design your own home gym with DIY equipment. According to Ross, successful training depends on finding out what works best for you. Ross’ goal is to help you out with the best research supported advice to take your fitness goals to the next level. He teaches how to psyche oneself in pushing him/herself to the limits. His website contains a lot of information on how you can design your own workout equipment with the things that you can already find in your home.

Robert Dos Remedios, CSCS – Robert was recognized as a one-time Strength and Conditioning Trainer of the Year by the NSCA. He has authored two popular fitness books – Cardio Strength Training and Power Training. Robert has been in the fitness industry since 1989. He has a Master’s degree in Kinesiology. Robert is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. His website is full of athletic conditioning and power training advice. That’s why you need to follow Robert Remedios as one of the top exercise gurus online.

Liz DiAlto – The New York-based fitness guru is another top fitness expert in the world today. The majority of her students have praised her workouts as one of the best to tone the body muscles and improve one’s fitness levels over time. That’s why you need to follow her online as she is one of the top exercise gurus in the world today.

Ashley Borden – She is the personal trainer of Ryan Gosling, Natasha Bedingfield, and Christina Aguilera. Ashley has over 35,000 hours of training experience in the industry. Ashley Borden – the LA-based fitness guru – is a big fan of the “Rolling Out” technique – where a foam roller is used to tone the muscles of your body. Ashely tries to integrate the rolling out method in all of her fitness regimens to achieve the best results with all types of bodies. That is why you need to sit up and listen when someone like Ashley speaks. She is one of the top exercise gurus that you need to follow online.

In conclusion, with many so-called excerise gurus online, you need to be cautious as to whom you follow for fitness advice. There are many important things to consider before choosing the right fitness guru online. The above article provides information on the top exercise and workout gurus to follow online.

Five Healthy Snacks To Get You Through Your Day

Snacks are important but you have to ensure they’re healthy or things can start to worsen when it comes to your health.

This is where healthy snacks can stand out and fill the gap that is present in your daily diet.

So, which snacks are useful when you are trying to find something to eat and want to make sure things work out as intended? Here are five of the most important healthy snacks you can add to your daily diet and know will provide value nutritionally.

1) Honey Yogurt

Most people don’t know what to do with some of the staple “healthy” options in their fridge, and that is the reason they get frustrated. For example, you might have yogurt lying around in the fridge but what are you going to pair it with.

Most people don’t like plain yogurt because it’s bland.

However, why do you have to eat it bland? You can mix things up and go with something that is going to add value to the yogurt such as a tablespoon of honey. Yes, mix in the honey and watch as your yogurt tastes better than ever before.

2) Frozen Grapes

This is another simple, healthy snack that is easy to prepare and is going to become a major part of what you eat during the day while you are consuming snacks.

The preparation for the grapes is simple enough. You are going to toss these into the fridge for an hour or so. Let them freeze a bit and then start eating them. They are going to taste even better, and they’re ideal for those who reside in warmer places due to the weather.

When you know these are an option; you will keep them in the back of your mind.

3) Grilled Pineapples

Another option is to go in the opposite direction, and that goes for a plethora of fruits that are in your fridge. The one being used here will be pineapples because they are known to taste great after you have grilled them for 10 minutes.

Just put them on the grill and let them sit for 5-10 minutes.

Yes, that is all you need to do, and this is going to prepare one of the healthiest snacks that you are going to have. Pineapples are great and when you grill them, they get even better!

4) Dark Chocolate

This is one of those rare options that will surprise you when it is first put up in a list of healthy snacks. People don’t assume chocolate is healthy and in most cases they are right but in smaller portions with specific kinds, you will be able to reap the benefits.

For example, dark chocolate is known to be healthy as long as you are not consuming too much of it.

Dark chocolate is great if you are eating a small piece or two on a daily basis because it helps cleanse the body and keeps it in good shape. You should incorporate this into your diet.

5) Stuffed Apricots

The final addition to the list of snacks would be apricots. Not just simple apricots because those might end up being bland and get boring, but when you add in a bit of blue cheese into the mix, the taste buds will start firing on all cylinders.

This is one of those neat snacks that will add a lot of value and will be something you want to have on a regular basis.

All of these snacks are intended to provide such a feeling so you don’t feel like things don’t taste as good as they should.

Healthy snacks can taste good, and that is why any one of these five options will do wonders for you and your needs. Those who like having snacks will know there are delicious options out there that are going to feel great in your mouth and will do wonders for your health as well.

Stop feasting on potato chips, candy, and other junk food that isn’t going to help your body at all. Instead, you want to think about these healthy snacks as delicious alternatives to what you are feeding on right now.

Elements to Daily Good Health

Every person is at least worried about their health as they grow older. They are not concerned about it in their early years in youth since they are usually enjoying the most of their time, but they will gradually realize it as soon as they reach the age when health is of major concern.

In the recent days, many people have been self-medicating for they think is the proper way to be healthy. Because there is so much information these days, they just thought about how they can only rely on others that claim worked for them.

And when things don’t go your way, you’d end up looking for other people that say it worked for them, too.

You will be surprised at the best ways of being healthy, coming from people who had combined western and eastern medicine, especially in areas that are sharing common ground.


Many people these days see the food as the devil, but it is not actually like that at all. What experts are trying to tell the public is about consuming fake food. You’ve all heard about how certain foods are considered not real food and that they can add up to the calories of your body.

The mere mention of calories is already enough to send a message to the reader that they need to be extra wary about how much they are consuming of it. However, this is not only about calorie worries alone.

Experts in food nutrition will tell you that food, when chosen and eaten wisely, can be a benefit to the body’s health. But because of today’s world filled with fast food, many people are getting the faster way of eating food just to keep their bodies filled. But this is only making things worse instead.

It is every individual’s responsibility to do a good research regarding the right foods to eat – whole foods such as veggies, fruits, whole grains, unfrozen, unprocessed, preservative-free, etc., you get to avoid the perils of anything excessive.

The most problematic issue in today’s society is that most of the food eaten are the opposite of the ones being enumerated, which is no wonder why many people are suffering from lack of proper nutrition.


This is the second most problem that people these days are facing. Even children as early as 6 years old have this problem because of the technology that people have these days. So how is this going to be resolved?

The right amount of sleep that every individual should take is at least between 7 to 8 hours every night. Technology has made most people alert, thus affecting their quality sleep.

If you lack sleep for the night, try to sleep them off in the morning or afternoon, if you are given the time. Make it a habit that you can sleep between 7 to 8 hours. This will help relax and heal parts of your body as they have gone through full operation during the day. Lack of sleep can bring in oxidative damage, which is the natural byproduct of metabolism. This leads to damage to DNA and cells, which is why people age fast.


This is a no-brainer, but people hardly do exercise these days. Exercising is a must as this will keep the cardiovascular state of the body at normal, healthy levels. You also won’t be getting any amazing detoxification of your body, which can naturally be done when you do your exercise. So rather than focusing on those detox products that are touted to be very effective, you have a more effective and money saving natural way to detoxify your body.